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September 29, 2008



"Hey now, hey now, my girlfriend's back!"
Yay you! I'm off to catch up...XXxx

chris hefner

Ohhhhh mansies. That looks like heaven. I've had the thankful task of having to sift through many such dungeons in and out of the Chicago metropolitan area for furnishings for my new by-myself apartment. Many good finds to report, most recent of which was a wrought iron-based sewing machine table which I woefully misjudged my ability to transport before purchasing. But! With a little help from willing, but exploited, friends, I made it home with her.
Happy junking! And thank you so tremendously much again for you heartwarming housewarming box. You're a truly lovely friend.


CONGRATULATIONS my friend, now we can all breathe again...XXxx

Claire Falkingham

Claire said:

Looks like heaven to me - don't think I could have gone past the cream and gold lamp base!


hi,just a lil fyi. i am a HUGE fan of stickley, morris and the arts and crafts movement. you said that the chair in the first execution was a stickley, but it couldnt have been. stickley didnt start making furniture until 1903, the execution to which you are referring was in 1890. but that aside, your stores look fun. i am going east with my mother n law next year and cant wait to go visit NY for the first time!

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